What You Should Know About Real Fur Stoles

What does come to your mind when you hear about the term real fur stole? Since times gone by, fur stole has been a symbol of comfort, privilege, and pride. It regales in a history steeped in aristocratic credentials and civilizational aspects. But more than its rich history, fur related all articles intrigues the human mind of the infinite bond shared between man and nature.

Draped over the shoulder, Real fur stoles are warps or large scarfs augmenting the beauty of the womenfolk. Notwithstanding the times in which it is worn, they have been able to remain in fashion for a long time.

Historical Perspective

It is telling that early human history signified the wearing of this product to victors or the ruling classes as a testament to the prestige associated with the post. Also, hunters were known to carry or wear the skin of their hunt in order to symbolize the transfer of power, traditionally, believing it equipped them of the same strength, skills, and courage.

The European society since the Middle Ages has been known to portray their social class and influence by adorning expensive as well as outrageous varieties of materials to further their social status. Stoles such as ermine were by law reserved for the nobles and the bourgeoisie as an advancing merchant class was able to procure expensive ermine, sable, and mink for them, thus undermining the superiority of the ruling aristocrats.

Modern Styles

A modern society nowadays relies on technology and this has become a statement of style for many to carry along the latest and the sleek piece of tech gadget to burnish their standing. But with technology, stoles or jackets and coats have transitioned to satisfy the insatiable hunger of a growing fashion conscious public. Along with it, a throwback has occurred to own a vintage piece of stole as it adds an old world charm to accompany a Gucci or Hermes.

Introduction of fox fur has enabled a large increase in the sales of these items although antique shops dealing with vintage material has definitely been a blessing for those obsessed over classics. Prices range over the availability of the material as more common ones like the red fox or rabbit tend to be inexpensive compared to a black bear or sable.

Machine made furs have also been able to invoke a large variety of textures and designs as intricate patterns in faux furs have captured a wide imagination.

Way Forward

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that changing times have brought with it a changing perspective on fashion. Different animal rights groups condone the blatant flouting of rules to procure animal skin and growing social consciousness has resulted in reduced demand for the stoles and items made from this material. This has made shops dealing with vintage classics from the early ’20s to the ’50s to either close down or evolve.

As mentioned earlier, this product has taken the place vacated by its much-illustrated predecessor and the world has moved onto preserving them with special emphasis being seriously laid on the safekeeping as well as on quality control of the famed outfits of the aristocracy.