Men’s Fashion Trends 2018 – Style Forecasts in The Year Ahead

February 4, 2018


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With 2018 dawning in full glory and with spring almost here, the new year has settled in. And so, we take a quick look at the predictions and fashion trends that fashion pundits are saying are sure-fire hits for the year ahead in men’s fashion.
As far as predictions go though, it is always safe to err on the side of caution, but here are some good bets drawn from the past year’s trends and what people loved and hated. We talk about the basics in men’s fashion, upper-wear, footwear, jeans and sweaters – for the rest, be sure to follow all the big international names and the new-age Instagram influencers popular in your country.
Men’s Fashion Trends
In spring and summer, printed short sleeve shirts look to be a staple this year as well. Pair it with laid-back jeans, chinos or relaxed knee-length shorts and, you’re all set for a date. Vibrant colours may be in this year, unlike last, and do avoid anything oversized – unless they’re trousers, which might just make it off the cutting block!
Footwear Trends
Boots, smooth lines on your footwear, plain ‘ol lace-ups and of course, classic sneakers. These are the safe bets this year around. Avoid sharp lines and angles in your sports shoes this year and opt instead for more rounded and smoother lines without overdoing it. Boots and good-looking lace-ups seem to be figuring in men’s fashion trends this year, and classic sneakers are set to continue their strong run.
Trends in Sweaters
Well, the past year saw V-necks becoming the in-thing again, so the year ahead might see the same at least up until the fall. Remember V-neck yes, but with enough subtlety. Paring with a shirt or a suit is safest, on your bare skin or with a leather jacket is slightly risque but maybe worth the risk.
Fashion Trends in Jeans
Internationally, ripped jeans are a trend fast fading away. So, be sure to tone down the rips and tears on your jeans if you absolutely can’t do without them. Skinny fit jeans are predicted to disappear this year, so stay in the know-how and get your relaxed/straight fit jeans on now!
Unusual Trends?
What’s the weirdest men’s fashion trend being bet on right now? Track pants! That’s right, the luxury and expensive kind that is. Sportswear too will feature in the year ahead big time, so don’t be afraid to don your favourite sports team jersey this year. And, both black and white seem all set to take over the year right now but not combining them looks to be a safe bet.