Buying Kids Clothes? Some Practical Tips

Anyone who has children will be aware of the problems that can be caused when it comes to their clothing. Some children are quite easy going and will accept most items that you suggest, whilst others can be quite opinionated in what they wish to wear. Of course, their wishes should be considered, but as a parent you need to think about other factors too such as functionality and growth rates. Here are five tips that you should consider when you are buying your kids clothing.

1. Quality

Children’s skin can be very sensitive so the quality of the garments is important. This doesn’t mean that you need to choose the most expensive items, but it is well known that cheaper clothing is more commonly associated with irritation. Cotton, being a natural product, is an excellent choice and indeed rarely has any adverse effects on the skin.

2. Wash the clothes first

It is always advisable to wash the clothing before your child wears it. You have no idea how the product has been stored, if anyone else has tried it on or if there are any residue substances remaining from the manufacturing process. Like in point 1, this is to protect your child’s skin first and foremost.

3. Check sizes

Parents are notoriously bad at knowing their child’s clothing size and quite often think that it is the same as it was six or twelve months previous. It is worth measuring your child, especially if you are making an online purchase, to ensure that you are ordering the right size. In addition, it is advisable to know the returns policy of the store where you bought the clothes from. Usually, this is within a two week period.

4. Buy slightly larger

This is more the case with younger children as they will grow quickly. If you do order something that is far too big you can always put it away to be worn at a later date. Children’s clothing can be quite expensive so you don’t want your child growing out of it in just a couple of weeks.

5. Listen to their views – but it’s you who the final say!

It is always good to encourage children to have a view on different things and that includes clothing. However, no matter how much they want something it should be you that has the final say as some items are just completely inappropriate. You might want your child to dress in a particular manner but really functionality should be your primary concern. Something that provides protection from the sun could be the perfect example.

When it comes to buying kids clothing online it is always wise to use a respected retailer. Not only are they likely to have a greater choice, but their products are likely to have been kept in better conditions and are unlikely to have been worn by others.